What Are Cryptocurrency Bear Traps and Bull Traps? How Do I Avoid Them?

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  • A bull trap is a good way to realize profits quickly and avoid keeping an open position for a long time.
  • I wish I could but sometimes I do get caught out and that’s the way its going to be as long as forex trading still exists.
  • Even if the asset price increases it doesn’t mean a change in the current trend.
  • However, by understanding how bull traps form and what they mean, they can become profitable setups.

In general, always use a stop loss order as it will help you predetermine how much you will lose and will keep you in control of your trading balance. This helps to confirm that the price of the security is more than likely to increase. Other things to look for are a retracement that respects the breakout level. Many crypto YouTubers have been accused of making money on pump and dump schemes. Read more about 1 btc in usd here. They buy altcoins while they are cheap, promote them to their followers to generate a pump, and sell high. The altcoin invariably dumps, and the cycle begins again with a new meme coin. For example, BitBoy Crypto has been found to hold very few of the coins he promotes— but a lot of cash, which is an indicator that he dumps his coins on his 1+ million followers.

Example of a bear trap

If you are one of those who jump into trades on any and every movement in the market, you will lose your money. The advice is simple, don’t trade if it’s too good to be true – an uptrend cannot continue forever. One of the best ways to avoid getting caught is to avoid late entries when it comes to investing in a trend. Bear traps in trading are just as unpleasant to be caught in as the ones in real life — although they are a lot less likely to cost you one of your limbs.

Further, you will see that the trading volume is growing together with the coin price. It means that there is a high possibility that the coin value will continue growing even though some drops are still possible due to the high asset volatility. In other words, any push above the resistance should be taken with a grain of salt as it could lead to a bull trap. You may want to test the environment with virtual money with a Demo account. Once you are ready, enter the real market and trade to succeed. Equal highs in a down-trend are a strong bear signal; and are followed by a long downward spike. From the chart above, the spike of the market breadth after 24 January 2022 and 24 February corresponded to a swing low in S&P 500.

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Bull traps are just one of many ways the markets can fake out investors and traders, and the reasons why they happen to have a lot to do with what’s going on inside our heads. A neckline is a support or resistance level found on a head and shoulders pattern used by traders to determine strategic areas to place orders. James Chen, CMT is an expert trader, investment adviser, and global market strategist. The name itself means it is something is deceptive, and it might put market players at risk. There were instances of low trade volume at the beginning of the reversal that ended up being a true reversal. Also, some false breakouts may last for a long time , making you believe that it is a real reversal. The stop loss order automatically closes a losing trade when the price reaches a predetermined point. It is designed to limit your loss when an unfavorable event occurs in the market. This phenomenon is called a “bear trap” because it traps inexperienced traders trying to take advantage of a false movement. Using a bear trap example for a change, imagine that you expect the price to go down — and finally there it is, a signal for an upcoming dip.

This type of signal happens when prices make a sudden move higher, only to quickly reverse and head lower again. Bull traps are some of the most reliable reversal patterns in the market. However, bear in mind to always use stop-losses and to wait for multiple confirmation signals before opening a trade in the opposite direction of the breakout. If you look closer at the previous price-action, you can notice multiple retests of the resistance level. This is the first sign that buyers don’t have enough power to break above that resistance, and that any upside breakout could actually prove to be a fake breakout or bull trap. However, traders who also follow market fundamentals may know in advance that an upside rally in certain markets doesn’t make any sense. The price of a stock begins to drop, and many traders who bought that stock immediately start selling it — they want to unload it before they lose too much money. Bull traps occur in bear markets when traders are trying to pick bottoms. However, they can appear in bull markets when traders play for breakouts.

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As a matter of fact, some of the largest up days in history have occurred in during bear market cycles. After a prolonged bull market, investors have been conditioned to “buy the dip.” After a sharp decline, “dip” buyers step in and the market starts to rise a bit. This initial rally then encourages other investors who think the worst is over and become fearful of missing out—creating a cycle of yet more buying. Price action refers to the genuine behavior of the price at any given time. The range of results in these three studies exemplify the challenge of determining a definitive success rate for day traders. At a minimum, these studies indicate at least 50% of aspiring day traders will not be profitable. This reiterates that consistently making money trading stocks is not easy. Day Trading is a high risk activity and can result in the loss of your entire investment. Whereas a bull trap traps buyers in a losing trade, a bear trap traps sellers or short sellers in a losing trade. First, there is often a desire on the part of buyers to enter a trade at the first sign of a price rise.
what is a bull trap in trading
The market price is moving in an upward direction, after which the resistance level is reached, price further breaks out and then it continues to move in the same direction. On the other hand, many long investors add to their position over time. The most effective way to do this is to buy equities when they are trading at a discounted price. In this way, they can lower the average cost they pay for shares.

Examples of a Bull Market

A bull trap occurs when traders expect the market to move higher after a breakout which then fails and sends prices lower. This ‘traps’ bulls into long positions that lose money as the underlying drops further. Bull and Bear Traps serve as an early warning system for chartists that a signal is failing. However, traps are not perfect signals and may instead evolve into catapults.

Avoiding a bull trap also requires that investors overcome FOMO which can be difficult. There’s plenty of evidence to show that the largest percentage gains tend to happen at the beginning of a reversal. So traders want to jump into a trade at the earliest possible moment to capture those gains. Unfortunately, that’s also the perfect condition for a bull trap. 5) Price rallies further and the trapped short traders are now facing huge losses. Most are forced out of their long trades which means that they have to buy which accelerates the rally.

Other levels traders use include 20-day moving average, 50-day moving average, and 200-day moving average. To close their positions, traders buy back the stock, sending prices even higher. In turn, this creates a cascade of buying that can send prices up rapidly. Traders are especially susceptible to bull traps in swift market plunges. So, they’ll often try to pick off the low in hopes of making a massive gain. A Multiple Bottom Breakdown includes a Triple Bottom Breakdown, a Quadruple Bottom Breakdown and anything wider. A Triple Bottom Breakdown occurs when two successive O-Columns form equal lows and the next O-Column breaks below these lows. A Quadruple Bottom Breakdown triggers when three successive O-Columns form equal lows and the next O-Column breaks below these lows. For a Bear Trap to be possible, this breakdown can only be one-box. Breakdowns that move two or more boxes below support do not qualify.

For example, even though price volumes are a technical indicator, they are easy to understand and displayed clearly in pretty much all trading terminals. If the trading volumes for the current price drop are lower than usual when the price is in decline, then there could be a bear trap. A lot of bull traps fizzle out once they hit a strong resistance level . Unfortunately, beginner traders tend to jump in close to the peak, driven by FOMO . If you’ve missed the start of the pump and the price is already close to resistance, it’s better to wait and see what happens next. A bull trap is https://www.beaxy.com/exchange/eth-usd/ a short-lived upward price move during a downtrend that wrongly convinces traders that a rally is about to happen. They buy in or open long positions — then get trapped and sustain losses when the price starts to go down again. A bull trap exists in a bear market when assets advance, usually amid a short-covering rally or bottom fishing with thin volume. Prices quickly rise to a lower high before bearish traders force price action to fresh bear market lows with higher volume. The only reliable way a trader can avoid a bear trap is to avoid entering into a short position altogether.

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